Possible bug in icinga Search tactical overview

i have a potential bug.

When Searching in icingaweb for e.g. “ntp”

It will show me hosts that have ntp in their host name in the “Hosts” panel.

But in the “Tactical Overview” it only shows Hosts that have a Service Check with “ntp” in the name, not hosts with “ntp” in its name .

Is this an intentional behavior or a bug?

can’t reproduce this, do you have more information on that like the url or which tactical you are using (monitoring or icingadb) ?
Screenshot 2024-04-03 110628

This is in the Search view.

I have 15 Hosts with “ntp” in their name, but the Overview shows 96.

This is with
icingadb 1.1.1
Icinga Web 2 Version 2.12.1

I have 15 Hosts with “ntp” in their name, but the Overview shows 96.

Your screenshot - especially the Tactical Overview on the left - seems
to be the result of the search option in the leftmost navigation bar.
The search query for the Tactical Overview, however, looks for both
services and hosts matching your search, as you can further inspect when
clicking on “Tactical Overview: ntp”.
Thus, might it be possible that each of your host has a “ntp” service?

Maybe you want to post two additional screenshots: one of the Tactical
Overview when following the link, as written above, and one with an
altered search query to exclude everything service-related from the query.

if you just search for ntp in the searchbar on the left then of course you get everything related to ntp loke services and so on.

if you use the tactical overview and the search on the top like in my screenshot you can decide if you want to search for hostnames or servicenames

@alvar yes, as mentioned, this is during searches

@moreamazingnick ok, then this is just a difference in expected behaviour.

BUT testing it, i just noticed another weird thing.

If i search for e.g. “fw”, the host view in the search only displays Hosts that have services attached to it.

Since i have a lot of hosts that only have the host check without any other services attached to it these are missing in this view:

If i click on “Tactical Overview: fw” it links to:

==> here it only queries for services, not hosts

Might be: https://github.com/Icinga/icingadb-web/issues/979