Possibilty of checking Host OS version and few other config in icinga web

I was wondering if I could check few more settings of the VMs I’m monitoring thru icinga. Is it possible to check

  1. Graphic Cards on VM through icinga (driver)
    OS Version
  2. Check Firefox version
  3. Check Chrome version
  4. Check Visual Studio Version
  5. and also run a script and check the result of that



you can still check “everything”. Because Icinga only triggers checks you’ve installed (Monitoring Plugins, NRPE, Icinga Powershell Framework etc.) and process the check result. You only need a check what is doing what you like to check…
So you can take a look into the typical sources like https://exchange.icinga.com/ or https://exchange.nagios.org/ if still sombody wrote a check or you write your own check in your preferred programming or scripting. language.