Plugin timed out after N seconds = CRITICAL


I have two questions regarding plugin timeouts.

  1. Where can I set the system-wide default timeout (normally 60 seconds) for plugin checks?

  2. Where can I define that any plugin timeout is UNKNOWN instead of CRITICAL?

(I regard a timeout as a failure to get a result within a certain time, so the “real” result is unknown; it isn’t necessarily critical).



If this is a question needing developer input, is there somewhere else I
should be asking it?

My guess is, that this depends on the script itself.
If the script is written so that a timeout is critical you will have to change the script.
Some have a switch to change the behavior.

My 2nd guess: It is hardcoded :man_shrugging:
Couldn’t find anything in the docs.
If no one of the dev team reveals a way to change it, you will have to change every check command timeout by hand.

No, the point is that a script is not returning a result at all, and after 60
seconds Icinga itself is declaring a timeout, and saying this is Critical.

So, it must be something in Icinga itself rather than any specific script.


Ah, now I got it :slight_smile:
Then it is a thing for the dev team in its entirety ^^