Plugin for Monitoring IDRAC

Hello everybody,

Does anyone happen to know a plugin to monitor a Dell R940 server via the “idrac” interface

Thank you for your help

I recently used this plugin:

Works good, but you have to make a small edit:
Line 697 in the script should be replaced with
perf_data = ' | \'%s\'=%s;;;%s;%s' \ so that the perfdata labels containing spaces are processed correctly.

Don`t know if there are any IDRAC differences on the server side, I used it to monitor a PowerEdge R730. First time I monitored some Dell stuff :wink:

There is an official Nagios plugin developed by Dell EMC for monitoring servers using iDRAC. It currently supports SNMP v1/v2c, WS-MAN and Redfish REST interfaces. I haven’t tried it myself with Icinga2, but could be useful:

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Perhaps it is helpful to know that the use of IPMI via the IDRAC interface might be a possibility here. If you have the possibility to activate and use it, you can search for corresponding plugins.