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Hi all,
I have started working with icinga few months ago and I liked it. I’m working now about setting new environment based on icinga2 + director + graphite. During creating templates for host and services I saw a massive amount of defined check commands, but there are any binaries to execute them. Is there any source where I can download them check_elasticsearch but also others? It would be very helpful for me. I know about icinga exchange and that I can find there much good plugins, but I’m looking for these which can be downloaded on server and run out of the box.

Maybe good approach would be, that person who defines check command definition will write a comment in it with source to the plugin?

Assuming that you use a linux distribution, a lot of plugins can be installed
by a package named similar to nagios-plugins, depending on your distribution.

For example: On Ubuntu (16, 18) the plugins/scripts/executables get installed to:

You can try the plugins on the command-line.
Note: The plugins don’t have to be binaries, scripts are also possible
(shell, python, perl or whatever else can be executed on the host which executes the plugin).

Or you can search for nagios-plugins through your trusted search engine.
(I’m not sure if external links are welcome, but you should find results by yourself easily)

As noted by you, icinga exchange should also be a source for plugins.

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