Plugin check_mssql for windows server

Hello everyone,

I’ve been searching all over the internet, looking for a plugin for the SQL Server database engine for Windows, the thing is that I have not found a plugin for WinServer which allows me to monitor the different services of the database engine as if I were monitoring a Linux Postgres engine.

I would like to know if there is a plugin or a way to monitor a MSSQL database on windows server.

I have icinga2 mounted on a linux server with web administration and I have a windows server with MSSQL which I want to monitor its database and services.

The templates that icinga brings does not bring any command or service for SQL Server for windows.

I would appreciate any input or help :D.

Hi & welcome,

check_mssql_health is one of the most recommended plugins. And it is already covered by ITL.

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Hello Roland,

Is there any installation manual for windows? I see that I download a .tar file so it is for linux.

I have another question, the plugin is installed on the server where the icinga is or is installed on the client server?


It is usually installed on the icinga server and does remote access the SQL server.