Performance data of check_nscp_api are not registered in IcingaWeb2

Good morning everybody,

I am currently trying to get an OS check running on a windows agent using the check_wmi plugin of th nscp client and check_nscp_api. The executed command on the agent looks as follows:

'C:\Program Files\ICINGA2\/sbin/check_nscp_api' '--password' 'password' '-H' 'localhost' '-a' 'query=Select Version,Caption from win32_OperatingSystem' '-a' 'warn=Version not like '\''10.0'\''' '-a' 'crit=Version not like '\''10'\''' '-q' 'check_wmi'
and generates the following output when run locally via Powershell:
check_wmi Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard, 10.0.14393 | 'Version'=10014393;10;10

As you can see, there are performance data embedded into the output string, but for some reason they don’t show up in Icingaweb2 for the corresponding services.

Is there a known way to troubleshoot missing performance data? When googling I only came across missing performance data in databases due to wrong configuration or malformed performance data in the output string, but this is not the case here.