Performance data labels are cut off in the web interface

Hey all! I’m just getting my icinga instance spun up, and it appears as though the data labels are being truncated before the useful portion of the label i.e. the interface is named interface Adaptive Security Appliance ‘asa_mgmt_plane’ but I’m only seeing “Adaptive Security Appliance” (see attached screenshot) how do I go about fixing the data labels? Thanks!

nwc_health doesn’t truncated/cut off the output.
If you run the command on the CLI the output show the whole string for each perfdata label.

OK - interface Adaptive Security Appliance 'OUTSIDE' interface (alias DSL) usage is in:0.00% (0.00MBi/s) out:0.00% (0.00MBi/s) | 'Adaptive Security Appliance 'OUTSIDE' interface_usage_in'=0%;80;90;0;100 'Adaptive Security Appliance 'OUTSIDE' interface_usage_out'=0%;80;90;0;100 'Adaptive Security Appliance 'OUTSIDE' interface_traffic_in'=0;38.147;42.9153;0;47.6837 'Adaptive Security Appliance 'OUTSIDE' interface_traffic_out'=0;7.6294;8.5831;0;9.5367

I think this gets cut off in the web interface due to formatting reasons.

You could play with the --morphperfdata parameter of nwc_health, and try to shorten the string.
quick and dirty:

--morphperfdata 'Adaptive Security Appliance ='

results in

''OUTSIDE' interface_usage_in'=0%;80;90;0;100

It’s kinda ugly, but shorter :wink:
But the parameter supports regex, so you could use that to only output the part of the string you want.


That did it! Thank you so much!