Passive check

Hey folks…

I need to find an easy way to send some check result with a passive check from a bunch of script here and there.

What I need to do it’s to send some result after some “batch” jobs are running. Just to centralize all the results at the same place. Don’t really need to send notification but at least just being able to update the status.

In the old time I was using send_nsca but I know it’s not the best way to do it.

So what would be the best approach to have something easy as I don’t want to create an API token for each services/batch jobs. The best thing will be to ask our Dev team here to build a little executable that will “talk” to icinga2 like send_nsca did it in the old time…



we recommend to use the REST API action process-check-result for this, since curl and variants are fairly easy to implement. TLS and basic auth also is available … in contrast to the broken security implementation in NSCA.

Building something else just because you don’t want to create ApiUser config object(s) sounds a little overkill imho. Better control who has access directly in Icinga.


I don’t mind using ApiUser… I just saying that I will maybe “build” an executable that will include all the calls to avoid “enduser” to see our ApiUser/calls and modify it!