Passive check results work when sent to master but not when sent to satellite - should I change to "best practise topology"

We have two masters and multiple satellites. Say m1 m2 s1 s2.
If I send passive check results to the master the services update.
If I send passive check results to the satellites the services do not update.

(BTW since all the checks are normally performed by the satellites, master is usually lightly loaded. With the passive checks results going to the master it becomes overloaded)

Currently the zones.conf files have:

m1 connecting to m1 + m2
m1 connecting to m1 + m2
s1 connecting to m1 + m2
s2 connecting to m1 + m2

Would the issue be resolved by moving to “best practise” as per with;

m1 connects to m2 + s1 + s2
m2 connects to s1 + s2
s1 connects to s2
s2 doesn’t connect to anything

Are there any issues going from our current “topology” to the best practise “topology”?