Own checks downt work after update agent to 2.14.2

I have updated the Icinga agent. Since then, one of my own powershell check no longer works. In the plugin output from the icinga console I have the user with “whoami” included. After the update it is “nt authority network service”. In the old version “authority\system” is used. Was this changed intentionally? Can I configure that somewhere? Service Icinga Powershell Service and Icinga2 run as a system.
Version updated (Icinga Agent from 2.13.7 to 2.14.2) (icinga powershell Framework form 1.10.1 to 1.12.3)
Plugin Output the red marked ist the “whoami” command
with new agent:
check with new agent
with old agent:

Maybe you can just start the Icinga service as “nt authority/system”.

and also the powershell service

This is likely on purpose nt authority/network service is the (unloved) default, since nt authority/system is the root user, which can do ALL the damage it wants.
You probably change the user with Set-IcingaServiceUser. Depending on what your Monitoring Plugin does, activating JEA is what you want, so the icinga components get their own user (does not work on domain controllers).

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Now I see it. My Services GUI does not update - not even after the refresh until after the restart. With powershell I can see it directly


Nevertheless, that must have changed after the update. I use the same script to install the agent.

Thanks for your help. I will test the JEA.

I just see that I even set the user to system in my installation script. But that doesn’t seem to be accepted.


The command set-icingaserviceuser don`t work with the new client

With the old client the command works

the method is also deprecated since 1.10:

We have decided to now officially deprecate the previous installation method Start-IcingaAgentInstallWizard. It hasn’t been updated or promoted in a long time and all new features have been moved to the Icinga Management Console. Please update your installation method to the new solution. The old method will be removed in a future release.

ok … thanks for your help