Overview or static feed of blog posts (or other best practices)?

Hi community!

I’m a somewhat new Icinga user :hugs: – ever struggling to find up-to-date how-tos and best practices.
(What are the go-to check plugins? Starting fresh with graphing? Learned one way to setup agents but that’s deprecated now? …)

Training courses, this forum and the docs hub (Learning Icinga » Documentation, Live Demo, Trainings) help a lot; so do a few historical blog posts …upon which I stumbled by accident.
(Not always knowing the correct lingo for Google as a newb; you know how it is. :crazy_face:)

Would you know of an overview or static feed simply listing the blog posts or their abstracts?
(Ofc, in lieu of a wiki, any and all hints about up-to-date archives of best practices would be welcome).

Hope to share my ever expanding personal wiki in the future. :v:

– All the best, Barney

Everything from ITL and some from Icinga Exchange as well as Nagios Exchange. Even more you can get from centreon-plugins and The Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugins Collection and Nagios-compatible Plugins for Linux.

I’d recommend InfluxDB and Grafana (which we use since years).

It’s pretty much easier using agents (as you don’t need to authenticate for many remote checks) and often more secure since the connection is encrypted and certificate based.

The are plenty good instructions out there e.g. thomas-krenn.de, linux-magazin(.de/.com) and of course here. Most challenging and crucial is to learn zone and endpoint concept as described here.


+1 for the https://github.com/Linuxfabrik/monitoring-plugins I can highly recommend them.

+1 for InfluxDB and Grafana

We use Ansible to manage the Agent setup: lfops/roles/icinga2_agent at main · Linuxfabrik/lfops · GitHub

I use the director and the Roles from above link to guide me for how-to and best practices.

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