Only show services in a state since specific duration


we are running on the current IcingaWeb2 version and want to create a dashboard with problems which are only some hours old and not in that state for weeks.

This is my filter right now, to see all issues:

Is it possible to filter out old issues? I tried it with “Service Last Time OK” compared to UNIX Time, but the result seems to be off. I tested with “<” and “>” and the sum of both results is not even the same as without the filter.

The only thing I managed to work was the “Service Last State Change” filter, compared to a hardcoded UNIX time.

But I was not able to compare it against “now - 3600” for example.

Any suggestions on this?


you can do something like this:


This did the trick. Thank you!
I wonder where you found to use this syntax. Could not find it in the documentation.


it’s in the event section, one of the default filters

History → Event Overview