Only default metrics loading in Grafana

Graphite veteran with a grass is greener complex I guess. I’m running into some quirks with the Icingaweb integration for Grafana/InfluxDB that seems quirkier than what I’ve come across googling.

So, to start off here, this is what I get if I query Influx for Ping4 with a capital P versus ping4 with a lowercase p:

> select * from Ping4 where hostname = 'myhostnamewashere' and time > '2019-12-13T12:16:34Z'
> select * from ping4 where hostname = 'myhostnamewashere' and time > '2019-12-13T17:34:46Z'
name: ping4
time                 hostname                     metric service unit    value
----                 --------                     ------ ------- ----    -----
2019-12-13T17:39:47Z myhostnamewashere pl     ping4   percent 0
2019-12-13T17:39:47Z myhostnamewashere rta    ping4   seconds 0.000339
2019-12-13T17:44:47Z myhostnamewashere pl     ping4   percent 0
2019-12-13T17:44:47Z myhostnamewashere rta    ping4   seconds 0.000388

So here we have Icinga using the literal name of the check. This is what I expect.

What I’m getting is that the default metrics assoicated with the base-metrics.json supplied with the web module (Ping4/Ping6/Hostalive) are showing metrics, but if I select one of these datapoints from the list, the 2nd pane down which is supposed to display this metric returns no datapoints. I tested this on both Grafana 6.5.2 and 4.2.0 since I’ve read there was a considerable change in functionality with 5. Here’s what it looks like:

Now we also have some variables to pick from at the top. If I select a value for disk and the disk check, this one will provide a datapoint:

I’m thinking either I’m a bonehead missing something totally obvious in the config; or the variables above are throwing things off; or something with that imported dashboard just isn’t supporting what I have icinga dumping in there.

Anyone seen this before?

The second pane, first graph is only made to show disk services :wink:
If you want to see whats going on on a panel, go into edit mode and you see the query for that panel. The panel names is mostly jst set to $service.


Okay, I see how I got confused here. The disk panel is another specific template, but the name of the panel matches $service so I thought it was a generic panel kind of like how the Icingaweb graphite module has generic graphs unless you choose to customize them.

Is there a practical way to get that kind of functionality via Influx and the Grafana module, or does every service type need a panel manually configured? I could possibly script it if the latter.

You can import the default dashboard that comes with the module, it only shows no units (there is still no way to send the units to grafana). If you didnt have configured any graphs, the module will use the default then.

Haha, there we go, there’s the piece of your documentation I totally read wrong. I had pointed the default dashboard to base-metrics. I knew it had to be something simple on my part. This is all on me. Thanks Carsten.

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