One satellite two masters

I’m trying to install a lab master who should help us do some tests on the latest versions of icinga2.
the goal is to use it as a lab for new checks and tests until it stabilizes and becomes the new main run master.
the problem is that we have several satellites and we can not duplicate all of them.
So my questions are:
Is it possible for a satellite to have more than one master?
I have seaune the master solution group.
but is it possible to have a group of masters who do not have the same version of icinga?

Think you in advance.


Icinga builds the distributed tree based on zones. Each zone may have two endpoints in it at the moment.

The satellite zone, with e.g. one endpoint may have a parent zone configured, call it “master”. The master zone may have two endpoints configured.

The cluster message routing and connection handling takes care of syncing everything as defined.

Follow up with the docs, and install them inside a test lab. Then it will be more clear on what you can do.


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