One host, multi homed

Hi All,

I have a single server which is multi homed and receives its default route via a routing protocol. We still use NRPE on the remote end which is listening on both interfaces.

ip = x.x.x.x
bip = y.y.y.y

service xxxx
apply to host …

I would like to be able to check host with ip x.x.x.x, if this fails, try with y.y.y.y instead for host and service checks. Can this be done? Reason being is, if the primary link goes down, we are a little blind as to the cause or service impact as all local monitoring stops.

thanks in advance.

I’d suggest to create to identical host objects with identical service objects. One host with default ip, second with backup ip. And add Dependency objects to disable checks on backup host when original host is available.

thanks. I assume i cannot have the same hostname with this solution. Can you help with dependency - something like this?

object Host “A” {
address = “x.x.x.x”

object Host “B” {
address = “y.y.y.y”

object Dependency “Active_LEG_OK” {
parent_host_name = “A”
child_host_name = “B”
states = [ OK ]
disable_checks = true

object Dependency “Active_LEG_NOT_OK” {
parent_host_name = “B”
child_host_name = “A”
states = [ Down, Critical]
disable_checks = False