Nscp-local monitor windows process with spaces

Hello together,

after a long research in google I could not found any solution for my problem.
I want to monitor if a process on a windows server is running or not.
I do this with the check command nscp-local.
It works fine with process having no spaces.
But as soon as the process has a space I it does not work.
I belive the only problem is the correct syntax.

The service I want to check if it is running is called:
AundO Connector.exe

Thank you in advance.

Hi Gigi,

could you show us the configuration for this service? Do you use director or config files?

Best regards

Hello @Gigi,
Can you try the nscp_argument with “process=Aund0 Connector.exe” ?

I was able to get it working by command line with spaces in the process name.



Hi @ritzgu,

here the configuration of the service.
I use the Icinga Director.

Hi @aclark6996,
now it works! I completly removed the apostrophe and the service is now OK.

Here is a screenshot:

Thank you very much.


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