Nscp-local-disk returning volume snapshot data?

One thing I’ve noticed using nscp-local-disk is that windows snapshot records are also returned. For instance…

|\?\Volume{76209393-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\ used|346.17 MiB|500.00 MiB|400.00 MiB|450.00 MiB|

Is there any way of filtering these out of the results? I’ve already added filters for removable drive, cd-rom drives and network drives?


you need to expand your filters if you want only monitor drives with a drive letter (no mountpoints).
Found this example

“filter=type in (‘fixed’) and (drive_or_id regexp ‘[A-B].’ or drive_or_id regexp '[D-Z].’)”

Which version of nsclient are you using? in 0.50 it should only show “mounted” drives.



That’s awesome thanks, yes using

So a couple of days on, tried multiple different filters for to get rid of the \?\Volume drives and it’s just not having it, accepts the first filter clause without issue but refuses to filter the second condition.filter2

Any ideas? Such a simple thing but banging my head against the wall!!

Extract the executed command line from inspect, and play around with this up until one the filters works. Doing so via Director and deployments is a time consumer. In terms of filters, I’m out, never used this.

So i’m getting so so close now! I’ve managed to get rid of the \?\Volume by adding exclude=’\?’ filter=type not in (‘CDROM’, ‘REMOVABLE’,‘REMOTE’).

There is however a problem, when this goes via nscp_disk_arguments, it only processes the exclude=’\?’ but ignores the filter=type not in (‘CDROM’, ‘REMOVABLE’,‘REMOTE’). If you flip them around e.g. nscp_disk_arguments reads filter=type not in (‘CDROM’, ‘REMOVABLE’,‘REMOTE’) exclude=’\?’ it applies the CDROM clause fine but the \?\Volume returns as its not seeing the exclude=’\?’

Can you try this filter

filter=type not in (‘CDROM’, ‘REMOVABLE’,‘REMOTE’) and mounted = 1

Genius! After all of the messing around that was it :slight_smile: Thank you so much @anon66228339!!

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