NSCP Client returns "unknown command(s)" on some agents but works on others with the exact same setup


I am facing weird problems at the moment when trying to monitor services on windows machines using the Icinga2Agent and the nscp++ client coming with it.

The configuration for these machines is equal on the master node’s side since we create the host entries automized, and the configuration should be equal on the agents’ sides since we only go through the documented IcingaAgent installation process for windows machines. Yet the same checks applied to different agents return working results form some, but the error message

command name unknown command(s): command name

Did I miss to install some needed check-libraries when installing the nscp client? Did nscp mess up in any way? I don’t really know where to start looking for irregularities since there basically should never be any the way we set up things.


I’d recommend to compare nsclient.ini on machines with and without errors. For additional checks the section [/settings/external scripts/scripts] is relevant.

Thank you Roland, this helped a lot. For some reason the external script module was disabled on some of our agents.