NRPE plugin with version 2 won't apply


I’ve a windows service apply rule to check services on Windows hosts ( nsclient++). The rule has

check_command = nrpe
vars.nrpe_version_2 = true

However check command check_nrpe doesn’t have -2 argument. Without it, the check result show this message “Invalid packet version was received from the server”.



What version of the plugin are you using?

./check_nrpe -V

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$ /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -V
NRPE Plugin for Nagios
Version: 4.0.3

I do see “-2” argument but don’t know why it won’t apply. Does this depend on the Icinga2 version?
Current version is 2.5.4


Do I need to define “nrpe” specifically ?

object CheckCommand "nrpe"

You should really think about upgrading icinga2 to the latest version. 2.5.4 is almost 8 years old.

Most likely your ITL is outdated due to the old icinga2 version. nrpe_version_2 was added in ITL: Add support to NRPE v2 in NRPE CheckCommand · Icinga/icinga2@52a6b60 (