NRPE check not working as expected

When I run NRPE from the command line it works just fine.

When Icinga2 makes the check I see

CHECK_NRPE: Receive header underflow - only 0 bytes received (4 expected).

I understand this may bee related to SSL but I do not see where I can find the vars to set it correctly.
I’m trying to have the equivalent of

-S SSLv2+

Hey @jlombardo

maybe this discussion is related to your problem.

Kind regards

Thank you for the reply. I did see that discussion however everything works just fine when I run and RPE directly and I’m also able to run it against the remote host without issue. Once I move away from the command line and try to see the checks in the web client that is when I notice it is failing.

Okay, i see. You may either check the debug log (icinga2 feature enable debuglog) or query the API for the full command that is executed by icinga. Maybe this will show you what arguments are missing.

This was helpful. I was able to figure out what was going wrong and where with the debug log.

Thank you.

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