Nrpe check: execute on remote windows


I´m using icinga director and have created a nrpe check and set at my service template that the check should be executed on the agent. But it seems that the built in nrpe check tries to executute /sbin/nrpe, which causes problems:

Command "C:\Program Files\ICINGA2\/sbin/check_nrpe" failed to execute: 2, "Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden."

Is there a built-in check, which can execute the right nrpe check an my agent´s machine?


the Director treats agent hosts as command endpoint hosts. They execute checks on the agent directly, without the need for an additional command transport layer. I’d assume you want to query NSClient++ with NRPE, right?

Can you share the full configuration of your host/service, especially the check command & parameters? Best from the deployed configuration tab in raw Icinga DSL.



yes, correc.t I had figured it out. I need to use the nscp-local command and configured fields like nrpe_arguments and nrpe_command. It works, but it´s really hard to get the infos out of the documentations.

Also you need to check, if nscp client has the module activated and then you can execute nscp.exe client -q x will list all modules for using at nscp_query.

Which check query are you executing? Just asking because we do have plans to improve the windows monitoring tasks.

I´m using the nscp_module CheckEventLog and the nscp_query check_eventlog

I see, thanks. This one will be covered as well. More details soon at OSMC.

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