Notifications not sent

Hi Everyone

I have a strange behaviour. I created some Checkscripts with bash. In the Icinga2 Web they work as they should. But the notification is not sent. The embedded Checks like Ping work with notification.
In the Configuration I see no difference.

Do I have to return the Message of the Script in a certain way(exept exit 2)?

In the logs I see that it sends a message, but in real it gets never sent out. I tried to write a Log from the Notificationhandler script but as it seams to me it never gets called.

Yesterday I got a message when the script went into a timeout, then I recieved a Unknown error.

apply Notification "discord" to Service {
  import "discord-service-notification"
  user_groups = [ "oncall" ]
  interval = 5m
  assign where host.vars.sla == "24x7"
apply Service "website_content_check" {
  import "generic-service"

  check_command = "website_check"

  assign where host.vars.check_website == true
object User "oncall_alets" {
  import "generic-user"

  display_name = "oncall alerts"
  groups = [ "oncall" ]

  enable_notifications = true
  states = [ Warning, Critical, Unknown ]
  types = [ Problem, Acknowledgement, Recovery, Custom, FlappingStart,
        FlappingEnd, DowntimeStart, DowntimeEnd, DowntimeRemoved ]

  email = "root@localhost"

object UserGroup "oncall" {
  display_name = "oncall"

in Discord the unknown message

in icinga
it says that it sends notifications

if $status; then
        echo "HTTP OK - $message"
        exit 0 # for testing purposes i set this to 1
        echo "HTTP CRITICAL - $message"
        exit 2
apply Service "http-status-check" {
  import "generic-service"

  name = "http-status"
  check_command = "http-status-check"

  assign where host.vars.check_website == true

in the icinga2 log

[2021-03-25 08:16:52 +0000] information/Notification: Completed sending 'Problem' notification 'xxxx-website!http-status!discord' for checkable 'xxx-website!http-status' and user 'oncall_alets' using command 'discord-service-notification'.