Notification Type DowntimeCreated?

Hello everybody,

I know this three notification types exist when it comes to Downtime-related Notifications:

DowntimeStart, DowntimeEnd, DowntimeRemoved

However, I was wondering why there is no DowntimeCreated, when DowntimeRemoved exists? And if there really is no equivalent: how could one achieve that a notification is sent if someone created a downtime with startdate in the future?

Thanks in advance!


DowntimeRemoved can either be an expired downtime, or cancelled by the user. This serves two purposes here. DowntimeStart only reflects the actual start time, which also differs for fixed and flexible downtimes.

The demand of sending a notification for downtime creation e.g. DowntimeAdded is fairly not existing, so it is also not implemented as core event for notifications. If you really need this event, you can subscribe to the API event stream and process such with your own small daemon or script at runtime. Keep in mind that you have to write your own logic based on these raw events.



thanks for your response. I am fine with implementing this myself. I just assumed this feature existed and I am too dumb to find it :wink: