Notification stop on icinga2

HI Guys is there any way to stop WARNING alerts only for specific check?
need to disable WARNING alerts but others alerts like CRITCAL alerts should be enabled on same check.

object Service “check_anacron_daily” {
host_name = “sftp”
display_name = “check_anacron_daily”
enable_flapping = 1
vars.http_vhost = “sftp”
check_command = “check_nrpe”
vars.remote_nrpe_command = “check_anacron_daily”
check_interval = “43200”

thanks in advance

Hi @pranavmurali1994

you could add
enable_notifications = false
to the service object.

@ritzgu thanks for your response , actually i tried that but its stopped all other notification for this check

use different notification apply rules, one with warning state, and the other with all states, apply the right one to the right service