Notification script disappears after kickstart

Hello everyone,

after a kickstart in director I realised that the notification scripts were deleted.
Why is this and how do they remain permanently in the director?
I wanted to try these scripts in my test system.
Is it enough to restore them or will they be deleted with a new kickstart and the notifications will no longer work?

Hi @Murkel ,
The director kickstart just reads the CheckCommands from Icinga 2, so if they vanish with the kickstart, Icinga 2 does not know about them anymore anyway.

The reason might be the following: the default notification NotificationCommands are defined in /etc/icinga2/conf.d a directory which is ignored after performing a proper reconfiguration of Icinga 2 (icinga2 node wizard).

You can either recreate the Commands in the director manually or place the definition file from /etc/icinga2/conf.d/commands.conf into a directory which is actually read, like /etc/icinga2/zones.d/master/

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Hello Lorenz,

Thank you very much for your feedback.
I haven’t worked with notifications yet.
I have not moved the scripts manually either.
They have been in /etc/icinga2/scripts/ since the installation.
As far as I remember with older versions, it was never a problem and it was integrated via the kickstart.
This was also the case when setting up the test system in 08/22. Later when I ran the kickstart again the scripts were removed. I have not made any changes here.
I will then move the scripts or rebuild them in the director.
I still find it interesting.

OS is ubuntu 20.04 LTS
all on the latest version