Notification not Work - Notification with Pushhover?


I have two questions

I have set up notification in direcor:


template Notification "Benachrichtigungsvorlage Service" {
    command = "mail-service-notification"
    interval = 2m
    states = [ Warning ]
    types = [
    users = [ "Koda" ]


apply Notification "t1" to Service {
    import "Benachrichtigungsvorlage Service"

    assign where match("*", host.address)
    users = [ "Koda" ]

Under Overview contacts, I see Koda, but in the details I see No notification was send

For Mail: Can I setup this for smtp?

Givs a change for notification with Pushover and Director? I have found this but cant create the command in Director because I can’t insert ENV Variables


at the end you can configure what you want. :wink: Because finally, you only enter a script at the notficiation command definition, which does the notification. That means the script does the magic and for that you have the parse every argument what it need. For Icinga (Director) it doesn’t matter what the script is doing. That means the script can send a SMS, using a messanger service, sends a mail etc. In the history in icingaweb you see only that the notification is done for person xy.

And about ENV variables:
you can write a wrapper script where you pass the variables from icinga, the wrapper script reads the ENV vars and pass both to the real notification script. :wink:

Ok Thank you. Have you a sample or docu site for this?