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Hi again!

I would like to put some notes and urls in my host description. Of course i’m using “notes” and “notes_url” but I would like 1 note then 1 url and then another note followed by another url.

This is what it looks like in Nagios:

This is my icinga code right now :

notes = “‘Dell PowerEdge M1000e, Service Tag: FR04MJ1’ ‘DELL Warranty status Phone number: 1-800-456-3355’”
notes_url = “‘’ ‘’”


with Icinga Web 2.7.0 you can use Markdown flavored notes.

(the text here is a link for example)

The definition inside the Host object:

notes = {{{# Server
You can find more about the server [here](

# Hardware

This is a test box.}}}

The three curly braces {{{ }}} are the literals for multi-line strings.

You can put your note and URLs in one Markdown formatted text, this way you can have multiple links and notes for one host.



Sorry to ask but are you sure?
I had to upgrade since I had 2.6 and I now have 2.7.1, however it is giving me an error.

Can you please show us the error you got?


This is my code :
notes = {{{ abc


Looks like the function mb_strlen() can’t be found. Did you installed the PHP extension mbstring?

Which operating system and version you are using?

Ubuntu 18.04

I have not installed mbstring but I will right now.

I installed the one called php-mbstring, does not change anything. There’s another one called php7.2-mbstring…maybe that one?

Installing the package php-mbstring on Ubuntu 18.04 should install the package php7.2-mbstring since on Ubuntu this is the default php version afaik.

You need to restart the php-fpm process and/or your web server to fully enable the newly installed php mbstring package.

Restarting my server worked ! tks a lot :slight_smile:

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