Not able to Configure URL in Icinga


I am trying to configure URL https://hostname:port/#/ into icinga.
But, i am getting socket timeout error.
Below is the configuration i am trying,

apply Service "IGADEV FrontEnd URL" {
  import "generic-service"
  check_command = "check_http_timer"
  vars.ip = ""
  vars.port = "3081"
  vars.nrpe_timeout = "180"
  vars.check_interval = 5m
  vars.uri = "https://hostname:port/#/"
  vars.goa_area = "IdM-DEV"
  assign where host.vars.role == "DEV-URL"

Please, someone can help me what i am missing. By default timeout will be 10seconds, i have given it to 180 seconds


The configuration of “check_http_timer” is important in this case too.
I suspect you are using the incorrect name for the timeout variable, those prefixed with nrpe_ are usually used by the nrpe check command only.

Icinga itself has also a check_timeout.