Noob: Icinga requires restart constantly

Hi, this might be my first post here.

I have a pretty simple set-up with one Master doing a few SNMP queries and a few agents, with icingaweb2 as a front-end, all running on Ubuntu 20.04 installed following these notes. My config is growing as time allows to dedicate to the project and when I return to it after a day or days or week, I always see a dashboard full of “No services found matching the filter.”
When I check the icinga2 service with sudo systemctl status icinga2, it tells me it is “Active: active (running) since [1 week ago]” … so no apparent problems.
When I restart the service with sudo systemctl restart icinga2, the dashboard immediately repopulates with current data.
So it all really looks like the web front-end lost connection to the back-end sometime within the last week, which is not super-clear.

a) where should I check for troubleshooting what’s wrong?
b) is this common?
c) how can I fix it (see #a)
d) can I confirm monitoring is still going on even while it is apparently “broken” like this?



Hi & welcome,

for give you some better hints it would be interesting how your setup looks like. Do you installed icingaweb2 on a seperate server or is it on the master? Did you configure the access via REST API or via the depracted external command pipe?