Node setup command does not accept --parent_endpoint

Hi Icinga Community,

I am automating the icinga agent set up and therefore calling the node setup command.

In the docs node-setup-with-agentssatellite it reads: -

Pass the following details to the node setup CLI command:

Parent endpoint Required. Specify the parent’s endpoint name.

When I pass the --parent_endpoint I get this error:

critical/icinga-app: Error while parsing command-line options: unrecognised option '--parent_endpoint'

icinga2 agent version: 2.11.4-1

Kind regards

please use --endpoint instead. You can get command options with icinga2 node setup -h

Hi Roland,

how does the set up distinguish between the node endpoint and its parent endpoint if I only use --endpoint ?

Hmm, good question. I’d assume node endpoint --cn, parent endpoint --endpoint.