No way to use assign where with array and wildcard?

Hi there,

we have host-templates with a suffix “-ext” to be assigned to all hosts we want to monitor but which are not “controllable” by ourself, e.g. for XaaS-services we get.

I now wanted to use assign services by apple-rules / assign-where using wildcards with wildcards. Unfortunately it seems as the operator contains does not support wildcards?
I even tried (also did not expected that it will work) in operator.
Is there really no way to use wildcards in assign-where on array attributes as host.templates?

To be more precise:
contains works with value without wildcard, but there seems not to be a way to define complex enough assign rules for array if you want to express something as, assign where:

  • a template “net-*” is imported, but NOT
  • if a template with “net-*-ext” is imported

I tried so many several ways, including this as

  • AND
    • NOT
      • host.templates contains ext
    • host.templates contains net

and other derivates of it…


you mean sth. like
assign where regex("^webserver-[\\d+]",