No output of values via check_nwc_health

Hello together,

in my case i use two satellites in one cluster zone and one master where icinga web 2 is installed. When i check a network device via command line then i get values.
When i use my service template, i got the output of “< Timeout exceeded. > <Terminated by signal 9 (Killed).>”

My template config looks:


template Service “Temp_Check_Networkdevices” {
check_command = “nwc_health
max_check_attempts = “3”
check_interval = 1m
retry_interval = 3s
check_timeout = 5s
enable_notifications = true
enable_active_checks = true
enable_passive_checks = true
enable_event_handler = false
enable_flapping = false
enable_perfdata = true
vars.nwc_health_community = “****”
vars.nwc_health_hostname = “$host_name$”
vars.nwc_health_mode = “cpu-load”



looks like the check runs into a timeout.
Try to change the default (15s) timeout with:

vars.nwc_health_timeout = 60


Thanks for your reply, but I’ve already tried that :confused:

if you try a manual snmp query or a complete snmp walk? Does this work or you get here also a timeout?
Sometimes we have also similar problems with the nwc check. Sometimes it is due to the following causes:

  • The network hardware is to slow or is working a lot at the moment (cpu load)
  • the internet bandwidth to the other office is just exhausted at the moment of the check (e.g. users are downloading windows updates etc.)
  • To many interfaces to check - also in combination of one of described the previous problems