No graphs shown after update to module-graphite-1.2.2

After changing icingaweb2-module-graphite 1.2.1 (git installation) to 1.2.2 (debian bookworm repository) the graphs are not shown any more. If I load a copied graph url directly I get an browser error “File can’t be shown because it contains an error”.

Restarting icinga or the webserver, deleting browser cache or enabling icinga features perfdata and statusdata did not help.

I’m using the icingaweb2-monitoring module and the following other modules:

Icinga Web 2 Version - 2.11.4
PHP Version - 8.2.7

icinga/icinga-php-thirdparty - 0.11.0
icinga/icinga-php-library - 0.12.0

businessprocess - 2.4.0
director - 1.10.2
doc - 2.11.4
fileshipper - 1.2.0
graphite - 1.2.1
idoreports - 0.10.0
incubator - 0.20.0
monitoring - 2.11.4
pdfexport - 0.10.2
reactbundle - 0.9.0
reporting - 0.10.0

My upgrade process was to delete the graphite directory from the icingaweb modules directory and install the 1.2.2-version with apt.

Do you have any hints where to look further?

The current release only works with the icingadb-web module and not with the classical monitoring module.


I think, this could be communicated a bit clearer. Are there plans to make it work again or is icingadb-web the way to go?

Icingadb-web is the way to go but it’s sad, that this plugin isn’t handling both while we’re still working to get icingdb to run rock solid for our installation - we had to go back the previous version.