No default graphite graph for new service

Hi. I am a little bit confused why and when graphite graphs are showing up in icingaweb2 and when not.

E.g. for my self-defined “maildelivery” check I do get a nice graph for the performance data:

but for a different check called “uptime” I don’t:


Both deliver performance data and I don’t see a difference in the check definitions.
Could someone enlighten me please? :slight_smile:


Can you check Graphite directly or look in the whisper folder to see if you can find wsp files for those metrics? Not sure if its a problem on the Icinga, Graphite or Carbon side.

Also, are you using multiple carbon-cache daemons? A config error can cause some metrics to get lost but others to appear just fine.

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If there are no corresponding whisper files:
Although not very likely, do you accidentally use matching backlist-entries in the


and have whitelisting (which also activates blacklisting) enabled in the




Thank you, good points!

White/blacklisting ist not enabled. Only one carbon-cache daemon.
But there are actually no whisper files. This encouraged me to restart the carbon-cache daemon (was running for 7 days) and … … suspense … … graphs are created again!

So it had nothing to do with icinga.

Sorry for the noise and thanks a lot for your quick help!

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