Newbie question: What REST API to use? Core vs. Director


I’m a new Icinga user and have an installation with Icinga2 Director available.
We want to use the REST API for lots of things, and want to make it our preferred API.

Now my question is. Before I start working on actual projects, I’d like to get a better overview of
what the REST API’s are capable of:

  • What is the preferred REST-API to use Core or Director REST API?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages to use one or the other?
  • Is it necessary to use both?
  • What are the plans in terms of REST API?


If you use the director and you want to configure/add Hosts, services etc. use the director API. Otherwise you cant configure the new items in the Director.

If you want to get Informations out of a running Icinga instance, or want to put check results etc. use the Icinga api.

If you not have the Director, then use the Icinga Api for both.

Disclaimer: I am not using the Icinga Api, as it was not needed yet. I only use the Director API to auto import add, change hosts, vars etc. Mostly with Powershell, sometimes with bash.

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