Newbie question : Icinga2/Syslog/Cisco ASA

Good day everybody,
i’m very new to Icinga that i’ve installed today (with some freaky moments:).
I’m looking for a complete system that monitors win/linux hosts and acts like a Syslog server. It’s Icinga ok with that? How can i send, in exemple, CISCO ASA logging to Icinga? Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


As i understand it, it’s two different needs that need separately two different tools, Icinga will make the job for monitoring win/linux hosts, but it is not meant to store logs. For that part i’d advise you going for an ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) or a paid solution like Splunk.


for receving syslog messages (and maybe also SNMP Traps) you need only logstash from the ELK stack. Logstash has a lot of import and export plugins.
For Syslog syslog messages you need this one:
For shipping and visualizing to/in icinga you only need this plugin
If you don’t want to filter messages, you only need to install and configure logstash and these two plugins. We for example had create filter rules in logstash for a storage, because this one send every message (useful or not) not our icinga server. And it was not possible on storage to configure this.

Hi and Welcome,
I would prefer configuring ASA sending SNMP traps and configure your Monitoring host reiceiving them.
Works as a charm.