Newbie-Question: Can I ..?

Good Morning experts :slight_smile:

For a new project, I’m searching for a server component, that suplies status data to a remote Windows-App.

I’d like to know, if I can do this with icinga, gererally:

I need to get latest info about

  • Server load
  • RAM und Disk usage
  • Server and Daemon-Status (that is available, I saw on documentation)
  • Network-Load

and, if implemented, a secure instrument to fetch logfiles from the Machine, even logs from non-system-tools like snort or similar.

data should be available through the https-api

Thanks for your help & greets,


Icinga is using plugins to determine the status of the monitored objects. As long as an executable file sticks to some very basic rules they can be used as plugins. So if you need something monitored where no plugin exists you could even write your own. For the checks you’ve listed there already widely used and proven plugins for all supported operating systems.

You can read the status data via REST API from wherever you want. Even some windows app if you really want to :wink:

Transferring logfiles is not what Icinga does. You can run local checks and search for logentries and trigger alarms (visible in the REST API) if they occur.

For collecting logs you should have a look at the Elastic Stack or Graylog which work both very well with Icinga.


Thanks, that helps for the moment :slight_smile:

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