Newbie Question - Adding hosts

I’ve gone through the online doc, but I find nothing that directly answers my questions. I have a master, satellite and agent machine that I think (hope) are configured correctly, but I see no hosts in the Icinga Web. Our current monitoring tool automatically adds hosts to the system once an agent is installed, so I may be expecting something Icinga does not do.

Does Icinga add the hosts automatically, or must I had them by hand first?
If I need to add them by hand, and assuming the master-satellite configuration is correct, would I need to add them to the master, satellite or both?

If this is documented something, I obviously missed it. So, please point me to the place in the doc.

I am grateful fo any help.

The latter.

A host object for an agent needs to be configured on every parent node, in your case Master and satellite. You can create those objects manually on both nodes or use config sync.

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Besten Dank! I’m pretty sure I’ll get the hand of it someday. :wink: