Newbie needs to add custom fields to host template

Hi all
I am new to Icinga and am in the process of creating host templates on our new Icinga server.

As far as I have been able to find out, I need a dashlet to be able to create and add custom fields to templates, but at the moment no dashlet is included.

Can you advise on how to add the dashlet, and if I actually need a dashlet to do this?


Hello Per and Welcome

Are you using the director or just config files ?
The Director has the capability to add custom vars to a template with out the need for additional dash-lets.

If you are using config files, just read the docs about custom variables

Hi Assaf,
We are using the director. Do you also have a link for how to do this through the director?


Hello Per.

The director documents are talking about the custom fields:

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Hi again,
We have now got the ability to create custom fields through the director. Thanks for your help!


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Hi All,
Am new to Icinga2 director. I have tried to add custom variables for SNMP configuration, but do not see Fields option under the Host for addition of custom fields. Please can you help me to understand this

Am not sure, if am following it correctly. Please let me know how to add SNMP devices into Icinga director

I think it would be better opening a new post instead of replying to a solved, more than 1 year old post.

Concerning your question, the fields tab is visible on host templates.

Kind regards,

Thanks Bernd. I was able to identify Fields option. I have landed into another issue. Will raise a new case

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