Network devices monitoring

Dear Icinga community and gurus,

Would you be kind to share some best practices or personal experiences in monitoring network devices like:

  1. Cisco switches
  2. HP5900
  3. PaloAlto firewalls
  4. IPSec tunnels
  5. Aruba access points

I started looking into available plugins and options but would like to hear which approach you found most accurate, least complex…

Thank you.


from our side I can tell you, that GitHub - NETWAYS/check_interfaces: Check network hardware interfaces and check_nwc_health - ConSol Labs works fine.
For the interfaces we are using the first mentioned check, because it’s faster (check is written in C). For health status we use the second mentioned script. This is not so fast (because this is written in Perl).

Another possabiltiy is this There was a presentation at the OSMC (OSMC 2021 | Thola – A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices - YouTube). This check is written in Go.

Thank you Stevie,
I will begin with those.