Need a cisco cdp check that runs with snmp v3

Hi, i need help to find a cdp check that runs with snmp v3.

i cant really find one, any one you can suggest ?

Maybe a generic SNMP check can be used?

did you try any of these:

I have tried them, non of them are snmp v3 supported.

What do you mean with Generic snmp check?

the check_snmp plugin queries any device via snmp:

You could extract the OID’s from the previous mentioned checks and add services based on these oids and the check command check_snmp

check_cdpfdp is snmp3 capable

my $o_login=    undef;          # Login for snmpv3
my $o_passwd=   undef;          # Pass for snmpv3 uses snmpbulkwalk with -c communitystring
you could create and publish a check command that works with snmp3 works with snmpwalk and can be patched as well

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Thanks, i will try them :slight_smile:

Something like monitoring-plugins/check-plugins/snmp at main · Linuxfabrik/monitoring-plugins · GitHub . It’s able to do SNMPv3 and is quite flexible as you configure it via CSV files. where you even can inject some python into the Re-Calc column.

OID,Name,Re-Calc,Unit Label,WARN,CRIT,Show in 1st Line,Report Change as
DISMAN-EVENT-MIB::sysUpTimeInstance,Uptime,int(value) / 100,s,value > 4*365*24*3600,value > 5*365*24*3600,True,

will result in:

Uptime: 5M 1W

Key         Value           State
---         -----           -----
Name        BRW38B1DB3B30F4 [OK]
Location    Office          [OK]
Contact     The Printer Man [OK]
Description Brother NC-350w [OK]
Uptime      5M 1W           [OK]