NCPA uptime service warning "sudo: account validation failure, is your account locked?"


since I was not able to find this error in this forum, I am hoping for help to this topic.

Since a specific day dozens of ncpa_uptime services are returning the same warning message in Icinga web:

sudo: account validation failure, is your account locked?

Other ncpa_uptime services are not affected by this warning message.

What might be causing this?

Master and satellite service reloads did not solve it.


apply Service "ncpa_uptime" {
  import "generic-service"
  check_command = "check_ncpa_uptime"
  vars.remote_ncpa_metric = "system/uptime"
  assign where host.vars.check == "ncpa" || host.vars.ncpa == "uptime"


object CheckCommand "check_ncpa_uptime" {
   import "plugin-check-command"
  command = [ "sudo", PluginDir + "/" ]
   arguments += {
   "-H" = "$address$",
   "-t" = api_token,
   "-t" = "w2vf2QOLsap9VyD2",
   "-M" = "$remote_ncpa_metric$",
   "-w" = "3600:"
   "-c" = "300:"

No one that could help? :slight_smile: