Navigation - Menu Problems

Hi all!

Desperately trying to figure out how to customize our menu.
I would like the Service Problems menu showing problems with these filters. All the time.

I tried creating a new navigation item (don’t know what to do with it afterwards!), looking for info in the doc…no luck!

Thanks for your help!

You’ll find Add to Dashboard or Add to Menu via the symbol right next to the tabname Services.



Thank you Roland.

I created one Shared Navigation but it’s not showing up anywhere. I would like it to be under the Problems section.

Thank you again!

You have choosen Service Action as type. You need to select Menu Entry instead.



Ok I got it! I see it on the left panel.

Now…how do I put it under Problems? Tried to drag and drop, no luck.
Also, what is the syntax for the icon field?

If there is a step by step guide or more info on all of this, please let me know. I didn’t find anything in the doc.

I don’t know whether it’s possible to put under Problems, otherwise it would appear in the option parent.

The icon syntax is simply the relative path to a image file in /usr/share/icingaweb2/public (don’t know whether absolut path would work as well).

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Hopefully my last question…

Is there a way to have all of these filters hidden? Whenever I click on my navigation item (Service Problems - Active), I see this long list. We would have to press on that - button every time.Our operators won’t be able to have a quick and clear view. This is not necessary.

Don’t mind, it’s ok to ask.

Click on that filer symbol next to the search field to hide the filters or remove 1 from the url part:


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Removing modifyFilter did the trick!
Clicking on that filter to hide everything is a one time thing. Everytime you go back to the Navigation Item, you see them all again.

Thanks Roland!