My checks don't run automatically any more

Using an older Icinga build that was working for a while but since several months, I have noticed that the checks do not run automatically

If I run them manually, they work, but then when the next scheduled check would take place, nothing happens and I guess the little clock appears.

What I would like help with if possible please, is a hint, I have no idea where to look for this. I had a look in Icinga2.log but didn’t find much and tried to look it up on these forums.

Setup is 2 masters, 2 satellites, all in a very isolated, secure zone.

Is the checker anabled?
What is the output of: icinga2 feature list
Are active host checks enabled? /icingaweb2/monitoring/health/info

Disabled features: compatlog debuglog elasticsearch gelf icingadb influxdb livestatus opentsdb statusdata
Enabled features: api checker command graphite ido-mysql mainlog notification perfdata syslog


I’ve seen this happen ages ago on an older version
we ended up temporarily resolving it but stopping all the services, clearing the icinga state files, and restarting it.

we also resolved it fully when we upgraded to the newer versions.

also, we had problems another time when the VM it was running on had time sync issues, and the icinga daemons all thought that the last time things were checked were years into the future.