Multiple zones and vSphereDB module

We got one master and two satellite instances, each of the latter is monitoring a single site. As per documentation, the master runs Icinga2, Icingaweb2 and DB module and redis. Additionally, we have deployed the director and the vSphereDB plugin.

The satellites are communicating correctly with the master and each agent is talking to their respective satellite. All passive checks are performed on the agent, active checks on the satellite. All works perfectly, except the vSphereDB plugin.

Here is the issue. The vSphereDB plugin only run on the master, so the import/sync jobs etc are defined there. I would love to use the “icingacli vsphere check vm --uuid xxxx” command, however, only the master server can do that. As an additional bit of info, all sites share a common vCenter which is located in the master site.

What do I need to do in order to get those checks down to the satellites? Am I correct assuming, that I would need to install the vSphereDB module plus Icingaweb2 on both satellites? I am not really sure on how to proceed, as the doc says clearly, that the web instance needs access to the DB, which can only be reached at the master site, and to redis (same).

I tried to specify the command_endpoint for the VMware check service to point to the master, but Icinga2 is too smart and tells me, that the endpoint needs to be inside or a direct child of each satellite zone. So that doesn’t work either.

Any insight would be highly appreciated.