Multiple Icinga Master checking same hosts (Prod/Test/Dev)

Hi Community.
We are using an Icinga HA cluster to monitor our systems. (~1500 Hosts, ~18.000 Services)
At the moment we use NSClient for the Windows systems but we are considering to switch to Icinga for Windows.

We also have an Icinga Test and Dev environment.
With NSClient it was easy that Dev and Test could also connect to the agent, but we haven´t found a good solution for Icinga for Windows yet.

I found:
But this feature/addon isn´t released yet.

and 8233 (cannot post more than 2 links :frowning: )
Both help me neither.

Any ideas?
I would prefer not to install multiple agents.

Icinga Server: RH8
Windows Server: Windows 2012 and newer

Best regards