Multiple Grafana Graphs for each host?

I’m after have two or three basic graphs e.g. disk % free, memory use etc. displayed for each host in icinga2web. I’m using the igingaweb2-module-grafana to get the graphs in, I just can’t figure out how to display more than one, I also have a strange problem where in most cases, ping is the only one that shows even on a disk service, until you select a time filter then all of a sudden it displays the disk graph as expected?

Is a multi graph view possible?


please elaborate in more detail (screenshots, what exactly is needed to reproduce your problem) and provide the versions involved here (check the FAQ).



yes you can. But the must be on the same dashboard in Grafana.



That’s great thanks @anon66228339, typically I’ve been struggling to get all of your documented nscp examples on one dashboard, can get my head around how I can merge them!