Multiple checks on multiple hosts

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask for some advice.

We have multiple hosts and we have to perform multiple checks on these hosts.
We have thought about putting every host in the same HostGroup and define an “apply Service” for each check and use the condition “assign where host in HostGroup”.

Is there a cleaner way to do this? For instance, is there a way not to define so many “apply Service”, but to group them somehow? Each check is different, takes different arguments and has different “check_command”, so we really can’t see a solution.

We thought about templates, but, to my knowledge, a Host template takes only one “check_command” and a Service template with multiple “check_command” results in only one item on the dashboard and the output of every check gets overwritten and we obviously don’t want that, we want a different item for every check performed.

Thank you very much.


if you are using the Director, you could define ServiceSets and assign this to a group, hosts with specific properties, variables etc.

Hi, thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunately, I am not using Director.