Multi tenant setup with customer specific check using a global template


I am setting up a multi-tenant environment. Currently 1 master with 2 satellites, but there will be more satellites in the near future (maybe up to 20).
I have created a service template in the global-templates zone, so I should be able to use this template with all satellites.
If I use a service apply rule, this all works fine. Now I have typical 1 customer related service checks, which I would like place under the “Single Services”.
In my example it is a certificate check using check_http.
This single service should use the global template check_http and as a service check exist on 1 satellite only.
But if I do it this way, I get an error when deploying my configuration:

client01 - bg-web1!' cannot be put into global zone 'director-templates'

There is no option to change the zone for this single service.

What is the best way to do this, using the service apply rules or is there a better way to keep things more simple and keep a better overview?

Thank you very much in advance…

I found a workaround, but I’m still curious if that’s the best approach?
I created an extra service template where I only define the zone of this customer and place it under the service template of the global service template I want to use.